Simple and Affordable

Group Training

Learning Management Systems are certainly not new, but for many, LMS training has been too expensive for small to medium size businesses with small safety budgets.

Well that is no longer the case!

NRSC’s LMS is designed to be a very practical solution whether you are a small business of 20 employees or a large organization with thousands of employees. Choose up to 12 training courses a year with unlimited use from our list of 40 core safety training programs. The annual cost is only $36.00 per employee, plus a one-time account set up fee of $300.00.

NRSC’s LMS can dramatically lower your company’s training costs

Our LMS program saves from one half to two thirds the actual labor cost over holding only traditional group employee safety training. Consider how much time employees spend coming to and going from the safety meetings, the time presenting the course material, the testing after the course is given and documenting their attendance. Then multiply it by the number of actual groups of employees being trained monthly. You should also factor in the random employees that are always missing the day of the safety meeting, where at some point in the future have to be trained separately.

Each of our LMS safety courses will average only 15 minutes start to finish. Immediately following the course, the employee is presented a short examination and the examination is then immediately graded online confirming the employee’s comprehension of course material. A certificate and electronic record is then available to download to the employee’s HR file. As you can see this is the most efficient and cost effective method to train and document employee required training. Course may be taken at any time and from anywhere there is an internet connection 24/7.

Special Insurance Company Programs

On-line Training


  • Unlimited access to your selected courses.
  • No pay per view fees.
  • Courses may be paused or exited and resumed at any time.
  • Each course has a course exit examination.
  • Upon course completion a certificate may be printed and the completion record data may be exported via CSV
  • Employee training progress tracking reports
  • Easy electronically populate our LMS with all employees, or in groups in just minutes.

For a limited time we are including a FREE Safety Video Library membership, valued at $395.00!
(With 20 or more employees are enrolled in the annual NRSC LMS program).

Our LMS safety training program is designed to provide you with core safety topics that are targeted to satisfy the vast majority of your employees training needs. Because of the very diverse business, institutional and industrial work environments, it is virtually impossible for us to adequately cover all possible safety topics with an LMS program alone. Because of this, NRSC will provide a FREE annual safety video library membership as part of the LMS package!

Safety Video Library Features

Special FREE bonus feature!

Create and Add Your Own Custom LMS Courses

We can import your existing Power Point training programs into our Learning Management System for FREE. Your employees will have free on-line access to your safety training programs that will specifically address your company’s needs using our LMS.

For more information about our Learning Management System, or any of our other safety training resources, please contact us at 800-468-4296 and select option 2 or click on the CONTACT NRSC link above.